Additional Resources

Landscape Mapping

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Organic Soil Carbon:

  • SoilGrids: a system for digital soil mapping based on a global compilation of soil profile data . (WoSIS) and environmental layers.

Other Resources to find information about native plant diversity, and

Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership for Biodiversity (LEAP):  A consortium of organizations operating within a wide spectrum of conservation missions with regard to our natural world.  Mission: We are dedicated to the identification, protection and restoration of biodiversity in our region and to the increased public awareness of biodiversity, through the support of our member organizations.

The Cleveland Tree Coalition:  a collaborative group of public, private, and community stakeholders that have partnered with the City of Cleveland to rebuild our urban forest. The coalition is striving to create a healthy, vibrant, sustainable, and equitable urban forest by working collaboratively to implement the Cleveland Tree Plan. Together, we’re making Cleveland the Forest City once again.