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About Responsible Landscaping

Incorporating native plants into landscaping provides beauty, enhances habitat and is beneficial for local pollinators and wildlife.  Planting native trees helps in mitigating soil erosion, reduces flood impact, provides shade that reduces energy costs, improves air quality by filtering pollutants and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The essential ecosystem services provided by planting responsibly have significant positive impacts on our community. 

Our resources below are a guide to help you evaluate, select and locate the best tree to meet your planting needs.


Tree Selector

Choosing the right tree can vary depending on location. This tool will help guide tree species selection process for any type of tree planting project.

Plant Communities

The plant communities of Northeast Ohio are represented by six major types. Find your closest plant community with this tool and locate trails to experience these communities within Cleveland Metroparks.

Landscape Mapping

This tool will help you visualize the location of your project. The 3 map themes (plant community, soil type, soil organic carbon) provide additional surrounding spatial information.


This tool will help you identify and locate nurseries that carry native plants. Contact information for each nursery is provided.

These resources were made possible through the generous support provided by

and by the Charles L. Pack Trust